Dave Snyder

Glad you're here

Dave Snyder is a writer, producer, poet and farmer.  

Bamboo Poem - Winner of the 2008 Iowa Review award for Poetry. Republished in Discoveries: New Writing From The Iowa Review, The Iowa Review Press (2012).

Hexagon: On Truth - Published in Quarterly West, Best American Poetry 2008, and as a chapbook by Styline Press.

Great Grains: How Ancient Einkorn Beceme The New "It" Wheat" - JSTOR Daily, MAY 18, 2016. Combined academic database research with original reporting intended for general audience.

While these are not audio samples, the following are meant to illustrate creative and interesting storytelling I've done. They are quite different from one another, but each chooses a different way to tell a story. In every case, the form and tone is meant to resonate with the medium in which it appears: literary journal in the case of the first two, and online magazine in the case of the article about wheat.